The Best Garage Door Style for You

The Best Garage Door Style for You

Garage doors are one of the first elements of a house people notice. Maybe you just purchased a fixer-upper. Or your old garage door wore out and is in need of a replacement. Whatever the reason, there are several types of garage door styles available. When you're ready to install the door of your dreams, give Brewer Overhead Door a call. Read on to find the best garage door for you.


Like the name, Craftsman doors pair well with Craftsman-style homes. These doors often feature straight, rectangular lines, and can be personalized with crossbeams, faux hinges, and handles. They are often designed with windows.


Carriage-style doors are an older but unique type of garage door. They were modeled after original carriage houses, which were staples long before cars became a common form of transportation. These types of doors complement modern farmhouses by adding a rustic charm. A typical carriage door will swing outwards to open, so make sure you have enough driveway space for one. There are also faux carriage doors available; these have the look of a carriage door but open in the usual up-and-down fashion. Additional storage units can be added above the door if you're looking to maximize garage space.


Contemporary doors are an attractive choice for modern homes. They often feature uncommon colors and materials such as black or all glass. If you want your home to make a statement, you won't go wrong with a contemporary garage door.


One of the most common styles of garage doors seen throughout the country, traditional garage doors are also one of the most affordable. Usually made of steel or wood, traditional doors are often designed with rectangular lines and windows. Wood doors especially pair well with Mediterranean-style homes popular in Southern California.

If you plan to install a garage door, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable specialist. For garage door installation in Sacramento, contact the experts at Brewer Overhead Door at (916) 849-5463. Feel free to give Brewer Overhead Door a call today to request a free garage door estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: June 30, 2021

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