The Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors

The Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are emerging as a trend in the garage door world. If you're considering installing one, read below for some common pros and cons. If glass garage doors are on your wish list, make sure to give Brewer Overhead Door in Sacramento a call.

Benefits of Glass Doors

Glass garage doors offer a range of design options to give your home a contemporary look. While the sections between the glass are framed with aluminum, they can be covered with paint, powder coating, or protective wood grain finish in a variety of colors. Installing glass garage doors is an easy way to increase a home's curb appeal and resale value.

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, having lots of natural light is beneficial. Large panes allow you to enjoy the view from your garage while staying warm during cooler seasons. For customers who like the look of glass, but prefer more privacy, frosted or tinted glass is an option. For business owners, movable glass partitions can even be installed to divide rooms or create more space.

Glass Door Cons

Some critics say glass doors are less practical than a traditional door. They are more fragile in extreme weather and potentially less energy efficient than a metal or wood door. When considering cost, most glass doors cost about twice as much as a metal door. Also, keep in mind the upkeep these doors require. To keep the glass pristine, they should be frequently washed with soap and water to remove grime and dirt.

For customers who like the idea of glass doors but don't want to completely invest in the style, adding glass windows are a great compromise. Windows can easily add a modern or traditional touch to any garage door.

Glass Garage Door Installation in Sacramento

If you've decided to install glass garage doors, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable specialist. For garage door installation and repair in Sacramento, contact the experts at Brewer Overhead Door at (916) 849-5463. Give Brewer Overhead Door a call today to request a free garage door estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: September 2021

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